Aberdare Salutes Workers and Acknowledges Hard Work

AUW 2019
June 11, 2019
Aberdare Launches the High Voltage Manufacturing Plant
July 30, 2019

For the very first time in its history, Aberdare Cables, hosted a successful inaugural Annual Workers Day event on Saturday, 22 June 2019, at the Group Operations Centre in Germiston, to celebrate workers and acknowledge their enormous contribution to the growth of the company.

The event was attended by the more than 300 employees from the Group Operations Centre as well as senior management. Addressing the event, which was filled with elation and contentment, Aberdare CEO, Dr Haiyan Song encouraged the workers to work hard not only to improve growth in the company but to also realise their dreams and improve their lives.

“Hard working makes your dream come true. Hard working makes us different, and makes us excellent,” said Dr Song. He further said some dreams may look difficult and impossible, however hard work is the only answer to make the dreams possible, or to make the dreams come true.

“The answer is hard work. I’ve shared the experience of my first Comrades Marathon last year. Although I did my best to have completed the 90km long run, it hurt the IBT of my right leg. I almost cannot walk properly for several weeks after the run. This year, I ran the Comrades again. Why? Because I want to challenge the up run, and I want to win the medal of Back-to-back. It’s my dream! I completed it and shortened the time by 23 minutes. I felt so well that I had a factory walk in our PMB factory the next morning after I ran.

How can I make it? I made it because of the hard training. I get up at 5 in the morning to run, I completed four full Marathons in February and March, I ran the 50 km Loskop, I ran the 3-day 100km during Easter weekend. Hard working makes my dream comes true. Hard working makes me strong enough to pursue my new dream,” the CEO reflected.

Dr Song also encouraged all employees to unite and work together to grow the company and also to stand against all forms of discrimination at the workplace, a view which was echoed the shop stewards, Bafana Mabaso, who spoke on behalf of the employees. In his address, Mr Mabaso encouraged workers and management to work together harmoniously and to achieve the strategic objectives of the company and ensure growth.

As part of change management and to motivate employees, the event was attended and addressed by one of South Africa’s most young celebrated motivational speaker, change management specialist and writer, Mr Linda Ntuli. The event was concluded with a team building activities, coordinated by the experienced team building specialist, Mr Tshepo Mogoai.

The main purpose of the event was also encourage co-existence between all Aberdare workers and all workers are treated equally regardless of their ranks, race, colour, gender, age, political and social affiliation as well as socio-economic background.