Aberdare Cables Participates in the AMEU Convention

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Botswana Power Corporation
October 20, 2017
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June 22, 2018

Overview of AMEU

The AMEU is an association of municipal electricity distributors as well as national, parastatal, commercial, academic and other organizations that have a direct interest in the electricity supply industry in Southern Africa. The AMEU convention is an annual event wherein manufacturers and service providers are given a platform to exhibit their product offerings and interact with the customers they service - as well as potential customers for the future.

Municipalities who are members of the AMEU, Eskom, electrical suppliers and international visitors were among the attendees of this highly interactive and informative networking event. Delegates include Senior Managers, Directors, Engineers and many more key decision makers from prominent utilities.

The 66th AMEU Convention 2017 was hosted by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality from Sunday, 8 October 2017 to Wednesday, 11 October 2017 at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Port Elizabeth. The 2017 theme was “Technical Solutions for Our Changing Business Model”. In 2017, Aberdare Cables was one of the key sponsors of the AMEU convention.

As part of the sponsorship package, Aberdare received exposure through:

  • Convention Bags
  • Convention Décor
  • Branding on the Cocktail Party Invitation
  • Lucky draw prizes
  • Branded Wine at the AMEU Gala Dinner
  • An AMEU Advert

Before the AMEU, KAM’s and Branch Managers invited guests from our Formal Sector customers who attend the AMEU to a dinner on the first evening of the convention. During this Dinner, Aberdare’s Execcutive Director for MSD, Mr Mishack Matla welcomed the delegates and gave the customer a brief history of Aberdare Cables as well as where the company is today. Dr Haiyan Song, Aberdare‘s CEO then addressed the customers – highlighting the future plans of Aberdare Cables.

The Aberdare dinner catered guests in excess of 60 attendees, which included the AMEU president and his wife. Guests were met with gifts on each table courtesy of Aberdare Cables.

Highlights of the Event:

  • The Aberdare dinner attendees far exceeded all the other suppliers who hosted dinner on the first night of the AMEU.
  • The AMEU President attended the Aberdare Dinner
  • Aberdare Cables won the official award for the “Best Medium Sized Stand”
  • During the Gala Dinner, All table wines were Aberdare branded