Introducing High Voltage
Underground Cables by
Aberdare Cables

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HV Cable: Factory Capacity


  • Concentric
  • Milliken

Maillefer CCV extrusion equipment (80/175/100):

  • Fully compliant to 132kV requirements
  • Material handling: 3 room positive pressure system. ISO 6 ; class 1000
  • Freeze technology. EHT
  • X-Ray scanner

Metallic sheath:

  • Lead extruder
  • Aluminium sheath
  • APL capability

High voltage factory testing facilities

PVC/PE sheathing line

Design software & systems:

  • In-house design software and system capability using Cable Builder and CYMCAP

HV Cable: Our Offering

Voltage Ranges

44kV, 66kV, 88kV, 132kV

Cable Type: Extruded XLPE Cables

CSA - Corrugated Seamless Aluminium

A single metallic layer performs both the mechanical and electrical sheath functions.

APL - Aluminium Polyethylene Laminated

The mechanical and electrical sheath functions are performed by separate layers.

Cable Sizes


Size: 500mm2

Load: 133 MVA

Size: 2500mm2

Load: 258 MVA


Size: 300mm2

Load: 130 MVA

Size: 1400mm2

Load: 264 MVA

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