About Us


Aberdare Cables is a 75 year old South African leading cable manufacturer. Aberdare Cables has 3 manufacturing sites in South Africa, with Customer Service Centers in each province and in Maputo. The company employs 1500 people and currently holds a Level 1 BBBEE status, with a make-up of 55% Black ownership and 30% Black Women Owned.


Aberdare Cables is a leading supplier of intelligent energy inter-connection products and services in Africa. The company has highly trained and motivated employees who make it the employer of choice. As a technology leader, it is driven by cutting-edge R&D, providing world-class innovative solutions, processes, products and customer service.

In 2016, Aberdare Cables was acquired by a Chinese cable manufacturer, Hengtong. The Hengtong group operates in 120 countries, has 9 overseas manufacturing bases and owns 5 brands, including Aberdare.


BBBEE Level 1

We are committed to, and understand our role in transformation through our hiring and procurement policies. We are an active supporter of the communities in which we operate and have an extensive CSI policy.

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  • 2017Golden Consortium Africa Shareholding

    Golden Consortium Africa Shareholding purchases 25.1% shareholding at Aberdare
  • 2016Hengtong Shareholding

    Hengtong purchases 75% shareholding at Aberdare
  • 2016CBI-ATC & Alcon

    Sale of CBI-ATC & Alcon
  • 2009Consolidation of Our Head Office

    Distribution Centre and Gauteng Manufacturing Plant consolidated into Group Operations Centre
  • 2007Aberdare Cables De Comunicaciones

    100% ownership of Aberdare Cables De Comunicaciones, CBI electric Aberdare ATC telecom Cables JV
  • 2004Izingwe Capital

    30% shareholding
  • 2001Alliances

    Alcon Marepha Equity Alliance, Corning Equity Alliance, Ikwezi Alliance
  • 2000Cables De Comunicaciones

    Telecom Networks Established
  • 1999Kwezi Equity Deal

    Aberdare Intelec Established, Lambda Cables Acquisition
  • 1998SAPVC Acquisition

  • 1995 Delta Cables Acquisition

  • 1994Alcobre Cables Acquisition

  • 1991Raytech / Sigmaform Acquisition

  • 1985ASEA / Scottish/ Aberdare Cables Merger

  • 1985PowerTech Purchase of Aberdare Cables

  • 1982Contronics Cables Acquisition

  • 1969Aycliffe Cables Acquisition

  • 1956Sold to NKF (Philips)

  • 1946Founded in Port Elizabeth