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July 20, 2017
Little Eden Home
July 20, 2017

Community Upliftment

Community projects provide necessary infrastructure and go a long way towards making a sustainable difference. These projects give communities the opportunity to be truly empowered.

Abercare is based in the impoverished community of Oribi in Pietermaritzburg Kwazulu Natal. The project is a work centre for the Physically Challenged individuals who are unable to find work within Industry because of their challenges. It also provides the challenged individuals with opportunities to lead a reasonably normal life style.

Many of the individuals on the programme live in the home for the physically challenged. The project has an Industrial laundry that services the businesses in Pietermaritzburg with laundry and cleaning services. The Abercare work centre also trims plastic hangers for Hangerman who supply hangers for garments to the clothing Industries. They also package plumbing brackets, down pipe and gutter couplings for the building Industry.

Aberdare Cables adopted this organisation some years ago as their social economic partner and has recently identified the following needs and has supplied funding for the following projects:

 Upgrade of the building phase one completed in December 2015
 Upgrade of the building phase two completed in December 2016
 Hosting of Christmas Party for all recipients of the programme
 Launch of upgrade of building phase 1